Fresh Little Twink Well Used – Part 3 – Boynapped

Smooth little red head Avery has been anally assaulted in parts one and two of this 4K session, spanked and fucked to the limit before Leo splashed him with spooge, but the devious young guy won’t be satisfied until he’s covered the little lad in molten wax and rubbed that fat uncut cock until Avery’s balls are pumping cream! Swill restrained and unable to fend off his dominant master the boy is made to throb with pleasure, hot wax splashing over his naked chest and stomach, a toy slipped up his used hole and his knob incessantly stroked until the combination of pain and pleasure becomes too much for him to withstand. As he moans and cries out, his balls bouncing with the speed of the stroking, his rod launches lashings of much-deserved boy cream! Leo is satisfied with a job well done, coating the spent dong in wax before leaving Avery to bask in his shame.

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